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The Need for Contracts
The Collie Club of America strongly urges all members to use contracts when they sell or place puppies. These contracts are intended to be templates or samples for our members use. Contracts are the paperwork cornerstones of both a puppy's future and future puppies. Sound puppy/dog sales contracts and stud dog contracts can make a tremendous difference in the futures of dogs and the futures of the relationships between their people. It is a good idea, therefore, to review your contract formats and to incorporate constructive changes at regular intervals.

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Dog Emergency Forms
Whether we are working with a puppy buyer or getting our own affairs in order, we need to arrange for many different possible scenarios which might impact the care of the dog(s). It is important that dogs be cared for 24/7/365. Puppy buyers need to be made aware of this, and we need to think about coverage for our own dogs in any and all situations. One of the situations that puts a dog at the most risk is travel away from home by people and dogs separately or together. Many dogs are lost each year by traveling families. This can be essentially prevented by permanent ID’s such as microchips and registry with a national database such as the AKC’s HOME AGAIN companion animal recovery system in addition to the normal collar tags. If a dog owner is suddenly incapacitated by illness or accident while away from home, however, both the traveling dogs(s) and dog(s) left at home face a different set of potential risks.

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