Buyer Beware

Collie Club of America 's Opposition to Gollies and
Other “Hybrid” Collie Crosses

BUYER BEWARE!! This could never be more true in this day and age of the so-called “Designer Dogs” or “Hybrid Breeds.”

While Collie mixes are showing up in the form of Gollies (Collie + Golden Retriever), Afollies (Collie + Afghan Hound), Cadoodles (Collie + Poodle), Coshelties (Collie + Sheltie), to name a few, they are not as popular as the Pug, Beagle, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Poodle mixes. However, seeing one litter of these collie mixes is one too many. The Collie Club of America would like to caution you in buying into this fad of designer dogs as they are no more than high-priced mutts.

We often hear that mixed breed dogs are healthier than purebred dogs. Any ethical, responsible breeder of purebred dogs can tell you this simply is not true. When you combine two totally separate breeds, you run the risk of inheriting problems from either or both breeds.

If you want to experience the pleasure of owning a Collie and all the breed has to offer, visit Meet the Collie, educate yourself on the breed's health and temperament, and buy from a reputable breeder or adopt from collie rescue.  If you want a collie mix, visit your local animal shelter and give a needy dog a loving home.

One of the oldest specialty clubs in existence, the Collie Club of America (CCA) was established in 1886 to protect and promote the Collie (Rough and Smooth varieties). Though links to our official CCA website are found on some of these hybrid breed sites, the CCA in no way endorses or condones the practice of purposefully mix-breeding our beloved breed.

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