Members, the AKC has allowed the following clarification to the CCA Bylaws. (We have done it this way for 30+ years, so thought it would be good to have it in the bylaws). Thanks to the Constitution committee for their help - Helga Kane, Nancy McCue and Les Canavan.

-- Pati Merrill, President

District Director Elections
District Directors shall be nominated and elected only by the members within the respective districts to be represented by them. On or about the first day of October of the election year, the Secretary shall mail to each member within a District a nominating ballot which lists the names of each member within that District, and an envelope addressed to the Chairman of the Teller’s Committee. Each member shall place an appropriate mark opposite the two names
(or four in Districts that have two District Directors) of his choice and shall mail the ballot to the Chairman of the Teller’s Committee. The two (or four) persons receiving the highest number of votes, shall, after having expressed their willingness to serve, be the candidates for election by the District membership. Tie nominations shall result in three or more candidates being nominated and listed on the ballot. On or about the 15th day of November, or within fourteen (14) days thereafter, the Secretary shall mail the District Director ballot to each member within the respective Districts for mail vote, including thereon the names of the nominated candidates. Each member shall mark his ballot by the name (s) of his choice and mail the ballot to the Chairman of the Tellers Committee. Tie votes shall be decided according to Article VIII, Section 2.

Follow the link below to download the full Constitution/Bylaws. The document is is offered as a PDF and requires Adobe Reader:

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