The National Specialty
Smooth Sailing~Rough Seas

April 7-10, 2004
Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, Mass.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2004 (Conformation)

Photos by Shannon Hayes

Mrs. Merrill (78 Rough Dogs)

Dea Haven's Memory Maker

20 - (6-9) Sable & White Puppy Dogs (3 absent)
1. Dea Haven's Memory Maker, J Bryant (J. Bryant)
2. Chatham Wych Chiseled In Gold, D. Ferguson/L. Cox (L. Cox)
3. Tekyo Jazz JP Gold Medalist, T. Watanabe (J. Ostrowski)
4. Long Acres No Doubt About It, M. Benedict (D. Holland)

Highcroft St. Germaine

18 - (6-9) AOAC Puppy Dogs (5 absent)
1. Highcroft St. Germaine Exquisite, J. Belluomini (L. Jeszewski)
2. Overland Blueberry Jam, K Stallings (D. Williams)
3. Overland Fortune In Diamonds, J/R Barth, M/M Fine (R. Myers-Barth)
4. Overland Stormy Night, M/M Fine (M. Fine)

Galatean Golden Horse Shoe

12 - (9-12) Sable & White Puppy Dogs (2 absent)
1. Galatean Golden Horse Shoe, M/R Robischon (P. Capobianco)
2. Monroe's Byline, M. Hack (E. Degner)
3. Diamante's Power Of A Dream, J/R Barth (R. Barth)
4. Lynloch Summer Wages, R. Hawkins (R. Hawkins)

Twin Acre's Patrick Henry

11 - (9-12) AOAC Puppy Dogs (1 absent)
1. Twin Acre's Patrick Henry, F/S Edler (M. Stelter)
2. Heatherri The Highwayman, T. Shomo/H. Rhodes/J. Laick (N. Joines)
3. Chatham's Silver Obsession, D. Ferguson (L. Cox)
4. Donnybrooke's Nightrain, B. Linder (B. Mason)

Devinwood Hi Plains

17 - (12-18) Dogs (4 absent)
1. Devinwood Hi Plains Renegade, J/R Caruso (P. Denbow)
2. Southland's Come From Away, M. Inman (M. Stelter)
3. Fantasy's Wayside Legacy, D. Holland (D. Holland)
4. Blu Ridge Not Tonight, J Johnson/M. Mikosh (J. Johnson)

Thursday, April 8, 2004 (Conformation)

Mrs. Merrill (73 Rough Dogs)

Millknock Silly Wizard

13 - Bred by Exhibitor Dogs (1 absent)
1. Millknock Silly Wizard, M. Sullivan/J. Rhames (M. Sullivan)
2. Bellvue's Fantasy's Island, J. Ostrowski/D. Holland (D. Holland)
3. Palyn Karachristo Horizon, P. Foerst/S. Wyglendowski (S. Wyglendowski)
4. Overland Summer Adventure, M/M Fine (M. Fine)

Barksdale Beauregard of

24 - American-Bred Dogs (5 absent)
1. Barksdale Beauregard of Belleville, K/E Preddy (M. Stelter)
2. Bandor What Dreams May Come S. Garrison (S. Garrison)
3. Tartanside On Broadway J Budde/M Struble (D. Supplee)
4. Riverrun's Loveboat, M. Ciaschini (M. Ciaschini)

Silouette Tadifor's I'm Smokin

12 - Open Blue Dogs
1. Silouette Tadifor's I'm Smokin, E. Geldkop/M/C McMurray (P. Capobianco)
2. Long Acre's Meant To Be, J. Bodzon (K. Jordan)
3. Greatview Gunner of Oxford, R. Mondillo (P. Denbow)
4. Surjack's Who's Line Is It Anyway, M. Surdynski (R. Barth)

Fleur-De-Lis's Diplomat

23 - Open Sable Dogs (3 absent)
1. Fleur-De-Lis's Diplomat, Y. Hyado (D Holland)
2. Sylvan's Fanciful Windsong, S. Klaver (C. DuBois)
3. Quincy Dream Weaver, J. Bruce (A. Stringer)
4. Echos M JP Wise Guy, M. Takada/H. Yamatoshi (P. Capobianco)

Friday, April 9, 2004 (Conformation)

Ring One -- 7:45 A.M.
Mrs. Pati Merrill (42 Rough Dogs)

Twin Acre's Anticipation

12 - Open Tri Dogs
1. Twin Acre's Anticipation, F/S Edler (M. Stelter)
2. Rased Rocky Road, T. Bauder (J. Ostrowski)
3. Tartanside Power Play, K. Stallings/C. Leonard (J. Budde)
4. Bannerstone's Midnight Spectre, S/B Stevens (P. Capobianco)

Special Sharp Dressed Man

05 - Open White Dogs (4 absent)
1. Special Sharp Dressed Man, L. LaBounty (L. LaBounty)

Rough Winners Dog (from Am-Bred)
Barksdale Beauregard of Belleville, K/E Preddy (J. Duhon)
Winners Dog Cut
Twin Acre's Anticipation (C. Stoner)
Devinwood Hi Plains Renegade (P. Denbow)
Barksdale Beauregard of Belleville (J. Duhon)

Rough Reserve Winners Dog (from Am-Bred)
Bandor What Dreams May Come S. Garrison (S. Garrison)

Bandor What Dreams
May Come

Ch. Fantasy's Bronze

17 - Veteran Dogs 8-10
1. Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman, D. Holland (D. Holland)

Ch. Tartanside The Mariner

02 - Veteran Dogs 11+
1. Ch. Tartanside The Mariner, M/J Vohr (P. Vohr)

06 - Stud Dogs (2 absent)
1. Ch. Overland Gathering Storm, M/M Fine
2. Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Sensation, J. Ostrowski/D. Holland
3. Ch. Society Niteridge Hot Topic, G/B Knight
4. Ch. Ballyhara Strike Up The Band, S/R Johns, M. Ramer

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