The National Specialty
Smooth Sailing~Rough Seas

April 7-10, 2004
Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, Mass.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2004 (Conformation)

Photos by Shannon Hayes

Ring One -- 8:15 A.M.
Mrs. Pati Merrill (37 Smooth Dogs)

Apple Valley Luv Echo

19 - (6-9) Puppy Dogs (4 absent)
1. Apple Valley Luv Echo Prophecy, B/K Atkinson (R. Heit)
2. Lisara's Ring Barer, G/R Ungano (G. Ungano)
3. Blossom Hill Full Deck, P/M Wells (P. Wells)
4. Epics Destination Keepsake, P Krysler/H Newcomb (H. Newcomb)

Timeless Overdrive

10 - (9-12) Puppy Dogs (2 absent)
1. Timeless Overdrive, M/P Henderson (M. Stelter)
2. Special Damon, M Young (L LaBounty)
3 Wrangler Northstar Chance Encounter, R Ryan/C Chin
4. HawkEire's On Angels Wings, J/L Alberti (L Timmerman)

Provenhill's Divine Sun

08 - (12-18) Dogs (1 absent)
1. Provenhill's Divine Sun, K. Provenzano (P. Capobianco)
2. Baronet's All Shook Up, J. Lance (D. Holland)
3. Caublestone's Wake of the Red Wych, L/K Cox (L Cox)
4. Camloch Celebrity, S Floyd

Thursday, April 8, 2004 (Conformation)

Ring One -- 7:45 A.M.
Mrs. Pati Merrill (37 Smooth Dogs)

Accolade's So Smooth

09 - Bred by Exhibitor Dogs (2 absent)
1. Accolade's So Smooth, C/C Stoner (C. Stoner)
2. Camloch Archangel, K/D Hansen (K. Hansen)
3. JoCan Prism Keno, J. Pringle/C. Ardizzone (C. Ardizzone)
4. WhisperingWind Little Deuce Coupe, A/M/K MacNeil (A. MacNeil)

Lisara's Blues Buster

07 - American-Bred Dogs
1. Lisara's Blues Buster, K Stallings, C/L Leonard (D. Williams)
2. Signet's First Class Travler M/T Esch, C. Ardizzone (K. Jordan)
3. O'Corra Bonham Lone Eagle, P. Paquin/O Curry (D. Steele)
4. Sweetwaters Highland Gent, K. Hutchings

Seawhisper Rock Island

09 - Open Dogs
1. Seawhisper Rock Island Legend, R. Morgan/J. Nickerson (K. Provenzano)
2. Signet's Pseudo Cadenza C. Keefer/T. Esch (C. Keefer)
3. Seawhisper The Mystic, J. Nickerson (C Chin)
4. Kimegan's Booker T, K. Thober (K. Thober)

Winners Dog
Provenhill's Divine Sun, K.
Provenzano (P. Capobianco)

Reserve Winners Dog
Seawhisper Rock Island
Legend, R. Morgan/
J. Nickerson (C. Chin)

Ch. Bo-Dandy's Fuzzy Wuzzy

06 - Veteran Dogs, 8 -10 (1 absent)
1. Ch. Bo-Dandy's Fuzzy Wuzzy, D/R Waelde (J. Duhon)

Ch. Cadenza Bandor
Resn'Ble Doubt

02 - Veteran Dogs, 11+ (1 absent)
1. Ch. Cadenza Bandor Resn'Ble Doubt, D. Mierz/S. Garrison (S. Garrison)

04 - Stud Dogs (1 absent)
1. Ch Signet's Twice Is Nice, M/T Esch
2. Ch. Hollyoak's Son of a Preacherman, L. Williamson
3. Ch. Gillespie's Thief of Hearts, A Gillespie/L Chaplain

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