The National Specialty
Smooth Sailing~Rough Seas

April 7-10, 2004
Eastern States Exposition
West Springfield, Mass.

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CH Azalea Hill's Alycin, CD PT owned by Mrs Richmond Fairbanks
CH Azalea Hill's Angela, CD HT owned by Mrs Richmond Fairbanks
CH Caledonia Wildside, NA HT CGC owned by Kim Marie Parker
CH Cobblecreek Gemstone Jazz, CD HT owned by Lurine Norwood
CH Country-Aire Warrior Princess, CD HSAds HIAd owned by Hildy Morgan
CH Cresthaven Confetti, CD PT NA NAJ OAP NJP owned by Linda Marie Ward & Tanya A Ward
CH Cresthaven Sing N' In The Rain, PT NAP owned by Linda Marie Ward & Tanya A Ward
CH Hickory Withe Diamaund Dance, PT CD owned by Billie P McLellan
CH Mariner's Sea Sharp, CD PT NA NAJ owned by Noreen Bennett
CH Montara's One More Day, CD PT owned by Becky Henson
CH Natural Wrangler, CD HT owned by Christine Chin & Eugene Chin
CH Olympus Morningstar Lucy In Th'sky, CD PT owned by Ann-Marie Ely
CH Provenhill's Heart Of Gold, CD HT owned by Wendy Marchant
CH Row-Bar Wynhaven Dakota Sky, HT NJP owned by Yvonne Evans-Wynn & Mitch Wynn
CH Tez's Showboat Blue Moon, HT NA owned by Mary Lee Oliphant & Glenn R Wood
CH Wind Wind's American Anthem, HT NJP owned by Linda Mayer
CH Wranglers Natural Moon Dust, CD HT owned by Christine Chin & Shelly Wurst & Eugene Chin &
Don Wurst
CH Wyndham's Valedictorian, CDX HT OA NAJ owned by Michelle Shoemaker

Versatility Excellent Awards

CH Barksdale On 'Er Guard, CD HSAd OAP owned by Michele Brane
CH Dbl-O-Seven Ability At Savoy, HSAdsc HSBs HIAs HXAds NA NAJ owned by Ericka Wojack &
Vicki Roye & Dr Martha Foschini
CH Merrytime's One Hot Potato, PT OA AXJ owned by Rachel E Berrend
Montara's Neverending Story, VCD2 HSAs AX MXJ owned by Carmen Fullhart
CH Northshield Providence, CD HSAds OA owned by Dwaine F Shields & Richann J Shields
CH Rhapsody's Grand Finale, CD PT MXJ owned by Sarah A Berrend
CH Row-Bar's Branestorm Challenge 'Er, CD PT AX AXJ owned by Brian & Michele Brane and
Robette & Stephen Johns
CH Somerset Autumn Dream, CDX PT OA OAJ owned by Vicky Lee
CH Sunbriar Swing, CD HS HSBd HIAd OA NAJ owned by Kathryn Stokey-Dillon
CH Wild Wind's Just One Look, UD PT OA NAJ VA owned by Michelle & Laura Bergstraser

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