The National Specialty
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March 27 - 31, 2007
Cabarrus Arena and Events Center
Concord, North Carolina

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2007 Performance

By Carol Dunton, Editor
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The CCA 2007 Most Versatile Collie

Awarded Saturday, March 31, 2007

DC Savoy’s Spy Master By Nirvana HXAsd HXBsd AX AXJ “Sean”

Owner:  Ericka Wojack & Vicki Roye







                 Dog: DC Savoy’s Spy Master By Nirvana HXAsd HXBsd AX AXJ “Sean”  

                 Owner:  Ericka Wojack & Vicki Roye                                                      341.5


                 Dog: CH Row-Bar’s Branestorm Challenge ‘Er CDX HSAs MX MXJ “Claire”  

                 Owner:  Brian & Michelle Brane and Stephen & Robette Johns               325


                Dog:  CH Row-Bar Wynhaven Dakota Sky CD RN HSAs OA OAJ “Cody” 

                Owner:  Yvonne Evans-Wynn & Mitch Wynn                                          322


                Dog:  CH Somerset Autumn Dream CDX PT MX MXJ RE “Ms Ginger”   

                Owner:  Vicky Lee                                                                                       321


                Dog:  CH Branestorm Songbird NA HT NAJ NAP “Lark”    

                Owner:  Brian & Michelle Brane                                                                   289


                 Dog:     Rosehaevens What A Catch CD RE HT PT OA AXJ  “Stryker”    

                 Owner:  Carol Dunton                                                                                 273


                 Dog :Signet’s Black Magic   “Cole”    

                 Owner:  Babbi Dilbeck  & Michelle Esch                                                      269


                 Dog:  Starphase Spirit Of Peyto UD MX MXJ HIAs HSAsd PT RN “Hayden”

                 Owner:  Deanna Levenhagen                                                                      267.5


                 Dog:  Millknock Mischievous NA NAJ PT  “Ceili”       

                 Owner:  Heather Jaynes Lake                                                                      258



                 Dog:  CH Wynhaven Society’s Cover Girl RN HT  “Nikki”                 

                 Owner:  Yvonne Evans-Wynn & Mitch Wynn                                           250



                  Dog:   MACH Special Wee Lass O’Storybook CD RE  “Christa”      

                  Owner:  Lynn & Amanda Horrigan                                                            248



                   Dog: Millknock Daydrm Step N Stone RN NA NAJ OAP OJP NF  “Slater” 

                   Owner:  Jim & Judy Smotre                                                                       230


                  Dog:    CH Kandy’s Smooth Operator CD RE NA NAP NJP “Shane” 

                  Owner:  Angela A Evers                                                                              221



                  Dog:  Freiland’s Spirit Of Liberty OAJ OJP  “Liberty”                   

                  Owner:  Marybeth Hight                                                                             210



                   Dog:  Younghaven Stormbreaker RN HT AXP OJP  “Chandler”      

                   Owner:  Tori Landis                                                                                  175


                   Dog:  CH Findley Vue Mastermind  “Marcus”                                  

                   Owner:  Donna Rothenberger & Cathy Keefer                                          176


                   Dog: CH Sylvan’s White Lace and Promises 

                   Owner:Dr Susan M Adams & Connie Dubois                                              167


                   Dog:  Llynnure Millknock Surprise  “Prize”               

                   Owner:  Heather Jaynes Lake                                                                    166





Non Qualifiers


                   Dog:  Dreamhearts Breath Of Autumn  “Billi”               

                   Owner:  Vicky Lee   


                   Dog:  Dreamhearts Autumn Joy “Arrow”          

                   Owner:  Vicky Lee


                   Dog:  CH Bo-Dandy’s It’s a Wig RN HSAs  ”Wiggy”                           

                   Owner:  Kathy Moll & Nancy Parker


                   Dog:  CH Deep River’s Easter Lilly  “Lily”                                             

                   Owner:  Peggy Moorman & Kathy Moll


                   Dog:  CH Misty Morn Sorcerers Spell PT  “Bruiser”                            

                   Owner:  Terry Peters & John Peters


                   Dog:  CH West Point Larpat Bao Li HSAs CD NAJ  “Li”                  

                   Owner:  Lawrence Pim


                   Dog:  Branestorm Piece Of My Heart  “Emmie”                                 

                   Owner:  Laura Seelinger


                   Dog: CH Millknock’s Spring Fever HIAd HSAs HSBd CD RN OA NAJ


                   Owner:  Dolly B Wright



                   Dog: DC Dbl_O_Seven Ability At Savoy CD HXAsdc HXBds MX MXJ


                   Owner:  Ericka Wojack



                   Dog:  Nirvanas Sunshine The Saint RN CD HSAs  “Val”  

                   Owner:  Ann Marie Ely



To be eligible for this award a Collie must participate in at least three of the four AKC events offered by the CCA (Breed, Obedience/Rally, Agility or Herding). Sign up for the award at any performance event.


The following rules will be used to determine the winner from the Collies that qualify for the award. You must sign up for the award to be eligible. Note that weighting factors have been added this year in each of the performance events to recognize the increased difficulty of the higher level classes.  All scores will be recorded from the posted Judge’s sheets. Jim & Judy Smotrel will maintain the official scores at this show.






To be eligible for this award, your Collie needs a qualifying score in at least three of the four AKC events at the National Specialty.  Only one score will be counted for each event.  The Collie obtaining the highest point total will win the award.  In each event, the highest score that can be obtained towards this award is 100.  The following scoring system will apply:





To be eligible, Collie must have a minimum of 5 AKC championship points to earn points by competing but not placing.  Since this is an individual award, Brace Class performances do not count.


-No class placement:   50 points


-Placement without competition:   50 points


-Placement with competition:

-Fourth place:    55 points

-Third place:      60 points

-Second place:   65 points

-First place:       70 points


-Champions entered for Best of Variety Competition:

-Making no cuts:          50 points

-Making first cut:         55 points

-Making second cut:    60 points

-Making third cut:        65 points

-Awards of Merit:       70 points


-Reserve Winners:           80 points

-Winners:                        85 points

-Best of Winners:            90 points

-BOS to BOV:                95 points

-Best of Variety:             100 points





-Herding Tested Class:         Passing :  60 points

-Pre-Trial Tested Class:        Passing:  60 points

-Started Trial Class:              90% of Total Score

-Intermediate Trial Class:      95% of Total Score

-Advanced Trial Class:         100% of Total Score




(Since this is an individual award, Brace Class Performances do not count.)


Obedience Classes:


-Novice:      45% of Total Qualifying Score (out of 200)

-Open:        47% of Total Qualifying Score (out of 200)

-Utility:       50% of Total Qualifying Score (out of 200)


Non-Reg. Classes:


-45% of Total Qualifying Score (out of 200 – must score at least 170)


Rally Classes:


-Rally Novice Classes:          60% of total score (out of 100)

-Rally Advanced Classes:     75% of total score (out of 100)

-Rally Excellent Classes:       90% of total score (out of 100)




Standard & JWW Classes, both Regular and Preferred:


-Novice:                           90% of total score (out of 100)

-Open:                             95% of total score (out of 100)

-Excellent:                       100% of total score (out of 100)

-FAST Class, all levels:    125% of total score (out of possible 80)



NOTE: Only your highest score from Sunday, March 25 or Monday, March 26 will count in Herding, only your highest score from Thursday, March 29 or Friday, March 30 will count in Obedience/Rally Obedience, only your highest score from Tuesday, March 27 or Wednesday, March 28 will count in Agility, and only your highest conformation placement Wednesday, March 28 through Saturday, March 31 will count toward the 2007 CCA Most Versatile Collie Award.



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