Obedience & Rally

Obedience is a great way to build a relationship with your dog.  Whether your goals are just a CD (basic heeling, stays, and recall) or the higher titles of CDX, UD, UDX, or even an OTCH (involving jumping, retrieving, and scent work,) this is a great way to demonstrate teamwork between owner and dog.  The AKC has recently introduced new levels of classes and a new advanced title of Obedience Master, which offers something for every competitor.  Obedience skills build a useful foundation for other performance sports such as agility.

Rally-Obedience is a wonderful way to start a dog in obedience.  In rally you follow a series of signs depicting exercises that make up a course.  The exercises are all obedience related.  It’s a fun way to learn obedience in a less stressful atmosphere. And the first level is all on leash!

We recommend finding a good local trainer and taking a class.  Collies make great obedience dogs with the right training techniques. The first step is finding the right instructor with the right techniques that work for you and your dog.

If your goal is to compete then look for an instructor who also competes.  If a class is not available there are several good books and magazines that can get you started.  Rally signs and descriptions can be found on the internet and there are good internet lists where you can go for help.

Annual Collie Rally Rankings

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