The Collie Club Of America
Versatility Awards Program

The CCA versatility awards program is designed to recognize Collies which have distinguished themselves in both the breed ring and in AKC recognized performance events. These dogs possess the conformation, temperament, intelligence, and herding and working capabilities which represent the essential characteristics of the breed. The versatility awards are based on a point system which is used to weight each title based on its difficulty.

The CCA will award a certificate signed by the Club President to any Collie, rough or smooth, owned by a CCA member, or member of a CCA member's immediate family, in good standing with the AKC who has fulfilled the necessary requirements. A dog fulfilling these requirements will be listed in the permanent records of the CCA. The versatility certificates will be awarded by the CCA President at the next annual CCA National Specialty Show.

Applying for a Versatility Award
It is the responsibility of the owner of an eligible dog to apply for either the Versatility Award or the Versatility Excellent Award. The application information should be sent to the chairman of the CCA Versatility and HIC Committee at least six weeks prior to the CCA National Specialty Show to provide adequate time to prepare the awards for presentation.

A new Grand Versatility Award has been added to the CCA Versatility Awards program.  The details of this new award are contained in the requirements and application details that can be accessed via link below.

Download the requirements and application details (PDF -- Adobe Reader required)

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